Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Give the Men in Your Life, Pepper Spray!

You probably are thinking, they won't carry it… But if you give them the ones bikers use, that are also used as Kubotans, in martial arts, they'll love your gift!

Men sometimes hesitate about carrying pepper spray, especially because the media mostly shows women using it as a self defense item. But if you look closely many men carry these hanging off their key chains and young men, really like to accessorize with these babies! They are especially popular with motorcycle riders. Perfect gift for the men that think they have everything!

The Mace Pepper Spray Baton / Kubotan is what men like because it's a handy and legal self defense weapon. No need for a special license to carry for these babies! Besides having devastating pepper spray, it can also be used as a martial arts weapon. A person can use it by jabbing, hitting pressure points and key flailing! The baton is very strong, made with machined heavy aluminum, making it virtually indestructible! It won't slide from your fingers because it has a textured center portion! The Mace baton can shoot 6 cone shaped cloud bursts and reach up to 5 feet. Plus unlike other pepper spray, it is also REFILLABLE! No need to purchase the unit again.

Surprise and impress him with a Mace, self defense weapon gift such as a kubotan, he never thought you knew existed! Let's not forget that women carry these, as well!

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