Friday, December 28, 2012

Multi Tasking Wind 'N Go Emergency Tool

This emergency tool is not only good to have in your car, it's a must for your home as well. Hand crank this tool and get an instant flashlight with no batteries required. It can even be used to charge up your cell phone!

No family should be without this convenient item. It's perfect for car, home electric power outages and cell phone emergencies! Best of all, you don't need extra batteries to charge it up! Just cranking the dynamo handle with your hand for 1 minute, will provide you with 1 hour usage of the flashlight or flashing beacon light! Cranking the dynamo handle for 3 minutes, will provide your cell phone with enough power to chat for 3 minutes… But the above information isn't the only thing that the Wind 'N Go Emergency Tool has to offer. See additional features below:


  • Emergency hammer to break car windows for fast escape of passengers
  • Seat belt cutter for quick car exiting
  • Convenient hand cranking, no batteries or electric outlet required
  • Bright red blinking emergency beacon light, to notify others of your problem
  • Convenient flashlight
  • Convenient cell phone charger
  • Attached magnets allow for placing tool securely on car surface
  • Rainproof, will not get damaged if it gets wet

Remember, it works by just cranking the dynamo handle with your hand! Plugging it into an electric outlet or buying batteries is NOT required…

This tool is not the only thing handy, so is the company that makes it too! How, you might ask? A label containing the manufacturer's name and an 800 contact phone number is affixed to the tool. This is in case you have any questions regarding the product!

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