Monday, December 17, 2012

Mace Easy to Aim, Aerosol Pepper Spray

Unlike most other personal defense spray in the market, this Mace product shoots a cone shaped mist, similar to hair spray. A wider spread of pepper, will make it easy to reach a threatening attacker.

Just because personal defense sprays use the term spray, doesn't mean that they are an aerosol. The majority of products on the market really shoot a liquid stream. The Mace Outdoor Pepper Fogger is actually an aerosol that makes it easy to aim toward your target! This makes a big difference when you are nervous and have to act quickly. As long as you aim the fogger toward an attacker, the subject will be affected by the devastating pepper heat. It will cause a criminal to slam their eyes shut due to the burning sensation, this in turn, will make them temporarily blind! Their eyes will also start to tear, their face will feel like it's burning and they will have a coughing spell! While an attacker is going through all this agony, you in turn, will have an opportunity for an easy unharmed escape. This 70 grams Mace fogger or aerosol, can easily reach 8 feet away and contains up to 15 short bursts!

We recommend you carry this personal defense product because it makes it easy to aim, even if your target moves around! Plus remember to move away from the mist as soon as possible, to make your escape!

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