Monday, December 10, 2012

Not Much Dough for Holiday Gifts?

Do you need to purchase many holiday gifts but want them at an affordable price and also unique for your loved ones? If so, you need to take a peek at our diverse selection in our Special Offers category.

Choose a holiday gift that is useful, one that will offer self defense for your loved ones! Our website carries the popular parachute cord bracelets, we call; Survival Bracelets TacKnots. Beautiful and available in different colors… We also have stun guns with LED lights available in the Special Offers section, also great for self defense. Included are unique flashlights, some are tiny and perfect to carry with keys, very handy to have! Added to the list are two affordable radios that can also be hand cranked, in case electricity is unavailable. One of the radios can be solar powered, as well! The list goes on and on… All would make unique gifts.

Go to our Special Offers section and don't miss out on affordable holiday gifts. Most are useful, self defense items and therefore keepers! Plus, contact us, if you have any questions.

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