Monday, December 3, 2012

Tips for Preventing Burglars, During the Holidays

If you're planning to leave your home for a holiday vacation, please keep in mind that there are a few things you might need to do before you go!

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Your home's security is important and you should carefully plan ahead of time to keep it safe. Below is a list of tips you might want to consider, before you can relax and enjoy your much needed vacation.

Security Tips to Prevent Burglars
  • The best plan is to get a house sitter, have a relative or friend stay in the house with your pets. This will prove that the house is not empty.
  • If you can't find someone to take care of your home, make your house look busy by having lights turn off and on at night. Consider buying a Digital Timer for security.
  • Try to get a relative or neighbor to get your mail and water the plants during your holiday vacation. Houses or apartments that have newspapers and mail piled up or plants dying, look uninhabited. You can also request to have your postal service stopped temporarily, while you are away.
  • If you rent your home, tell your landlord that you are not going to be home. This is important, in case they need to get into the residence for an emergency and they can't contact you.
  • Keep your heater running if you live in a cold area. Just enough warmth to prevent your water from freezing in your pipes and possibly bursting!
  • Finally let your close neighbors be aware that your are going away for the holidays and to keep an eye on your home.
Remember that burglars also have a good time during this season! Following the above tips and proper planning, you should be able to take off on your holiday vacation, with no concerns.

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