Thursday, December 20, 2012

Pepper Spray, Alarm And Strobe Light In One!

Did you ever know that such a weapon existed? Well it does and we are here to inform you of all the details regarding this amazing personal defense weapon called the Tornado.

We are not aware of any other pepper spray out there that includes these three important features, plus two more benefits! The Pepper Spray System 5-in-1 Tornado, covers three features most needed when in a life threatening situation. It has pepper spray that has been used for centuries to effectively and temporarily render a criminal helpless. It can reach up to 15 feet! Not many pepper sprays can reach that distance, most only reach 7 feet! Included also is a 125 db alarm, to notify others of your crisis. Again there are few if any defense sprays that have alarms! It also has a strobe light that temporarily blinds an attacker. Therefore, the strobe light makes it easier for you to escape! Besides that it has 2 other features that includes a speed release holster and a belt clip that attaches to just about anything!

This amazing self defense weapon with the added, rare bonuses of a strobe light and personal alarm, is available in pink and black. The personal defense item requires 2 batteries that are actually included with the Tornado!

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