Friday, December 7, 2012

Travel Safer This Holiday Season

We all know that carrying a small personal alarm is a good idea. But one that also has a motion sensor? You're probably thinking, why would I need that?

A motion sensor can make a huge difference for you, especially if you are traveling during the holidays. Taking the Personal Travel Alarm with you to a hotel, will literally make you feel at home. Because you can hang it from a hotel room doorknob and be warned if an intruder wants to sneak in. You can also place it on a suitcase, computer or handbag, to prevent theft! Just aim the motion sensor at the object. If someone tries to steel it, the unit will detect it and the 100 decibel alarm will go off for 15 seconds. This in turn will warn you that someone is trying to get your stuff! The unit's small sensor can reach up to 10 feet and has a horizontal detection area of 30 degrees. It's also tiny! When the motion detector is closed, it only measures 2 1/4 inches tall by just 1 1/4 inches wide!

This is such a small and convenient traveling companion, not only for things, but also for personal protection during the holidays, as well! Just pull the top pin off if someone wants to hurt you. The alarm will go off, notifying others that you are in danger! It also has a convenient flashlight and wrist strap. Small enough to attach to your key ring, makes it handy to have for the holidays or anytime you might need some protection!

Why choose to travel without a personal alarm with a sensor? Especially when it can offer protection for you AND your stuff!

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