Thursday, December 13, 2012

Nightlife Pepper Spray, Perfect for Holiday Festivities

During the holidays, there are many parties, nightclub events and of course the New Years Eve celebrations. All in the evening and all with plenty of strangers. A recipe for potential violence.

Photo by John_Brennan
Women need to be especially cautious during the holiday evening events. Fortunately there is a pepper spray that was built for nightlife personal safety, the Mace Pepper Gel Night Defender.

This pepper spray for personal defense was made for these sort of situations and nightclubs. What makes it so unique? First of all, it was made with nightlife events in mind. The Night Defender has a flashlight attached to it! The light helps you see better and temporarily disorients a person, if you aim at their eyes. Obviously it also contains pepper spray, but in a gel substance that is heavier, rather than a thin, light liquid. This Mace gel, sticks to the face of an attacker and therefore is harder to wipe off. It also is less likely to be diverted by wind, due to it's weight. Therefore you can aim it better! Plus if that wasn't enough, the canister is larger than your regular defense spray devices. It contains 45 grams of the hot substance for personal defense, as opposed to 18 grams or even smaller ones on the market, that have 12 grams for safety!

Prevent crime during the holiday nightlife. If you are planing to go to nightclubs or anywhere that is crowded, personal safety is a priority. Take the Mace Pepper Gel Night Defender with you!

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