Wednesday, December 19, 2012

How Much Longer Should Americans Bare, School And College Shootings?

Photo by Patrick Feller
Or for that matter, any sort of massacre in our land! Statistics prove that more people die in our country from firearms in a year than American soldiers do abroad. There literally is a war going on in our own country!

The shooting in Sandy Hook Elementary School is the latest of an ever increasing problem, our country has with firearm weapons control. Why, just this morning, I heard someone suggest that they should now equip our teachers with firearms! Where will this end? Many countries in Europe have banned firearms from it's citizens and as a consequence, these countries have far fewer incidents of shootings. All gun stores should follow Dick's Sporting Goods' recent stance, which is to halt the selling of fully and semiautomatic weapons. This should be a permanent decision that should be included throughout our entire country.

Semiautomatic weapons were invented for usage in wars, not schools! They don't belong in stores like Dick's Sporting Goods. Yet there are gun shops and websites that still sell them. The semiautomatic weapons that are made in the USA, are also found in Mexico. Since these firearms are apparently not controlled enough, they are used by drug lords for shootings, sometimes against our own border patrol!

Assault guns such as semiautomatic ones, should not be sold to civilians. We need stricter gun control to stop these school shootings! Dick's Sporting Goods, apparently got the message… Hopefully the rest of firearm shops will follow their example and stiffer laws against them will be enforced.

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