Monday, January 7, 2013

New College Self Defense Package!

The perfect combination to have around campus; a Mace personal alarm, Mace pepper spray pen and the StreetWise, strongest stun gun! 

This is a wonderful self defense package for college students. Purchasing The College Defense Package with the 3 weapons together, is a savings of 25%.

Mace Sport Strobe Personal Alarm - This multi-tasking alarm not only has a 130 decibel panic sound, by just pulling off the wrist strap, but it also has a flashing strobe light! The strobe light can be converted into a regular flashlight, by just pushing a button. This unit can also be used as a door and window alarm with a FREE attachment that comes included with it!

Mace Pepper Pen - This disguised pen, actually has ink for writing and shoots pepper spray when used for self defense. Perfect for the college environment, since pens are what students use the most! It contains 6 bursts, that can reach 5 feet. Best of all, it's refillable! No need to buy an entire new unit, when you run out of pepper spray.

8 Million volt Strongest Stun Gun - It's available in 2 colors, black with 7.5 million personal safety volts and the pink stun gun with an impressive and strongest 8 million volts! This self defense weapon has a stream of features, you can read about on it's description. Not only are the features impressive, but purchasing the Pink unit helps victims of Breast Cancer, since a portion of the proceeds goes to fight Breast Cancer!

Personal protection will give you peace of mind when your children are in college or if you, yourself, go to a university or college campus.

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