Thursday, January 17, 2013

Perfume Can Also Be A Weapon!

That is if the weapon is disguised to look like a fashionable, perfume. Beautiful and small enough to fit in your purse, briefcase, backpack or pocket. Best yet, it's on sale for a reduced price of only $8.95!

Photo by JenTravelsLife
A weapon works best, when somebody threatens you and doesn't know you are holding a disguised one, in plain site! Can you imagine the shock and needless to say, painful surprise of pepper spray in their face? There is no excuse for women not to carry a self defense item anymore… Pepper spray comes in all kinds of shapes and sizes and this particular triangular Perfume Pepper Spray contains 17% potency of the hot substance, not 10% that the average ones have. A person can be 6 to 7 feet away and you can still use it on them. This beautiful and fashionable perfume, pepper spray, comes in purple and black colors. Plus it contains 5 to 6 shots of devastation to an attacker, for only $8.95!
perfume disguised pepper spray, only $8.95
Perfume Pepper Spray

Shooting this perfume disguised weapon's content, temporarily burns the attacker's face, causes constant coughing and makes their eyes hurt so much that they would need to close them! Having their eyes closed makes them temporarily blind and gives you the opportunity to escape!

Beautiful, fashionable, only $8.95 and it's also a weapon. WOW, you can't beat that… But you can beat an attacker from hurting you!
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