Friday, January 18, 2013

Home Protection at Your Fingertips

Familiar with those batons, that police use to control crowds? It's also called a billy club, billystick, nightstick… Well now you can use it for home protection, but with an added benefit of VOLTAGE!

Photo by Aaron Gustafson
You can retire that baseball bat from underneath your bed for home protection. It's time to update it with the Expandable Stun Baton! Not only does it deliver 3 Million volts, it also has a powerful 130 decibel alarm which helps deter invasions. When this weapon expands to it's full length of 21 inches, the electricity pulsates up and down the top 12 inches of the unit. Just watching it is intimidating. Light this baby up in the middle of the night along with the 130db alarm, in a home invasion situation and no trespasser will want to fool with you! Plus, don't bother buying batteries, it's rechargeable!

Great Baton for home protection or invasion
Expandable Stun Baton Features

  • 3 Million powerful volts
  • 130 Decibel alarm, deters invasion
  • Expands from 12.5 inches to 21 inches long
  • Rechargeable, just plug into wall
  • Slide switch turns both stun baton and alarm on
  • Safety switch prevents accidental discharge
  • Holster with belt loop
  • Recharge cord

Handcuffs in black colorThrow that old baseball bat or billy club away and instead use this rechargeable and expandable, 3 Million volt stun baton for your home protection! A pair of handcuffs might come in handy too!
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