Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Refillable Mace Compact Pepper Spray

Having a small or compact pepper spray has it's advantages... 
It doesn't use much space in a purse or clutter a key ring. Plus the fact that it's stylish, doesn't hurt either!
Even though this Mace product is small and contains 4 grams of a hot formula, it actually can shoot 6 cone patterned bursts of pepper spray and reach 5 feet away. The cone burst is like an aerosol, not like most other self defense items that shoot a stream of the hot substance. You don't have to be a great aimer, to use it! Plus, a good feature regarding this stylish weapon is that when people see it, they think it's a lighter or tiny flashlight instead of a personal protection item! This makes it even more useful when you are confronted with a dangerous situation!

The compact, Mace KeyGuard Self Defense Spray, only measures 3.25" long by .5" inches thick. Since it was built small, the company made this self defense product, refillable! That's right, not many defensive sprays out there are refillable. This means that when you run out of the the hot substance, you don't need to purchase a whole new unit. All you have to do, is simply buy a 45 gram, Mace Pen or KeyGuard Refill container. It contains enough pepper solution to refill the KeyGuard, more than 11 times!

Convenient, compact, refillable, self defense that is also stylish and available in pink and black… Why wouldn't you want the KeyGuard?

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