Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Ever Want To Hide Something In Your Home, Office or Dorm, But Didn't Know Exactly Where?

Photo by AmberStrocel

Be it jewelry, money, keys or any kind of small valuables, sometimes we just can't find a convenient place to hide them in. It would be useful to have an inconspicuous area that we can rely on and of course, not forget where we hid them!

Our Hidden Safes category is full of these storage items and all are convenient for home owners, college students with dorms, office workers, etc. Of course, the reason they are called hidden, is because they don't look like a fireproof chest for valuables. But they can look like a candle, and that's the one we are featuring.

secrete hiding place for home, office or dormThe Candle Diversion Safe to hide things in, is available in red, green and grey. What home, office or dorm, doesn't have candles? It's the perfect place for hiding small valuables. They are heavy, just like a real candle and even the exterior is made of 100% vegetable wax with a wick placed on top! The diversion safe's storage compartment is relatively large. It measures 2 1/2 in diameter by 2 3/4 inches deep. This unique hidden safe's exterior, measures 5.5 inches tall by 4 inches in diameter.

So if your home, office or dorm needs a place to hide something small, any of our hidden safes will work just fine!

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