Monday, January 21, 2013

The Taser C2 Just Got More Affordable!

More affordable Taser C2 at
Due to the economy, our website is now offering an affordable, basic Taser C2 package. Hopefully this will make it more accessible to civilians, who need a non lethal, self defense weapon.

It's well known that these weapons are very reliable for personal safety. Police wouldn't use them, if they weren't! This is why the affordable Black Taser C2 Basic Package is being introduced to our customers for self defense. It contains the essentials that civilians need for personal safety: Black Taser C2, Laser Sight, LED Light, Lithium Power Magazine (battery), 1 Cartridge that reaches 15 feet, User Manual and Informative DVD.

Taser Weapon Advantages
• Non lethal
• Laser aiming for accuracy
• 30 second hands-off tasing
• LED flashlight
• Stun gun backup when cartridge is out
• Free replacement if stolen*
• No permit needed**
• No kickback, won't push you back
• No gun cleaning or maintenance

This unique and affordable, self defense weapon is the ultimate personal safety for civilians. As a matter of fact, they were specifically designed with civilians in mind, hence the "C" included in it's name! Plus, all orders for these self defense units at, includes FREE Shipping.

*If stolen or damaged while you are defending yourself, Taser International will replace the C2 unit for FREE if a police report is provided. **No permit needed in most States. Check State Restrictions.

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