Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Exercise Sports Package for the New Year!

Whether you ride a bike, are a jogger or are into any kind of sports or exercise, the following package will come in handy. Especially if your New Years resolution is to become fitter.

We combined 4 products from our store, reduced the individual prices to make it more affordable and called it the Exercise Sports Package. It contains the Mace Jogger Pepper Spray, LED Retractable Keylight, Flashing Safety Light and 6 BandZorb Hat Liners! Below is more information that will hopefully encourage you to start your New Years resolution to start an exercise regimen.

Exercise Sports Package

  • Mace Jogger Pepper Spray - Includes 10 to 20 bursts of pepper spray, reaches up to 12 feet, has a hand strap, keychain and a safety cap
  • LED Retractable Keylight - Bulb never needs replacing, 10 inch retractable cord with key ring, handy belt clip and batteries included
  • Bike Flashing Safety Light - 5 bright LED lights, 7 different flashing functions, 120˚ rotatable bicycle attachment and reflective arm band
  • BandZorb Hat Liners (6) - absorbent 100% cotton disposable hat liners, that prevent sweat from getting into your eyes and protects your hats, visors, caps or helmets from sweat stains

Whether you're a biker, runner, jogger or walker, this package will definitely help you keep your New Years resolution!

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