Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Need A Little More Distance From A Criminal, While Defending Yourself?

Some people use stun guns for personal safety, but others feel more comfortable with a little more distance between an attacker and themselves. This is when a 4 million volt stun baton, comes in handy.

Personal safety for joggers, pet owners, hikers and great for home defenseWhen people think of a baton, they think of the long night sticks the police use. But this is more than a night stick, it delivers 4 million volts of electrical personal safety and it's called the Mini Stun Baton! Measuring only 10.5 inches long, allows you to hide it in your briefcase, backpack or even a medium sized purse! Plus you don't have to hit an attacker hard with this baton, simply touch them with it!

Some people take these mini personal safety batons with them when they go walking or jogging. Others take them when they walk their dogs. Just discharging the Mini weapon, up in the air, deters aggressive dogs from attacking their pets! Hikers love them because it deters wild animals as well…  While many others, prefer to keep them in their nightstand drawer, for defense against home intruders!

• 4 Million Volts
• 2 Levels of safety: switch to turn on and trigger to stun
• 3 Position safety switch: off, stun and LED flashlight
• Convenient holster
• Lifetime Warranty

Police officers aren't the only ones to carry one of these anymore! Now you can too!

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