Tuesday, April 9, 2013

New 7 Million Volt Stun Baton

We just added a new self defense item in our store and it's a Stun Baton with 7 Million Volts, making it the most powerful weapon in it's category.

Replace the baseball bat, for this long 18 inch stun baton for protection against home intruders
These weapons are also used by the police force and are an excellent weapon for home protection. The Nightstick Stun Baton 7 Million Volts, reaches 18" away. It's the biggest unit we sell, besides the expandable ones in our store.

Stun batons have taken over the baseball bats that many people used for home protection, back in the day. It's not surprising, since they reach far, have an LED flashlight to see better in the dark and you can shock a home intruder, with just a touch of a button. Simply touching an intruder with it, can drop him down, since it affects his muscles and also will make him disoriented and be in an mental daze. The only thing the intruder might be able to do, is move his eyes! This of course, is all temporary, and will not cause any permanent damage to the individual.

You can also take the Nightstick Stun Baton 7 Million Volts when you go hiking, camping or even while walking your dog, to prevent aggressive canines from hurting your pet. Features include an LED Flashlight, 2 "Grab Guard" shocking side strips which prevents a home intruder from taking it from you with their hands and it's also rechargeable, no batteries needed. This 18 inch product also has a safety switch with red warning light, besides the activation button. This prevents accidental discharges. It also has a rubberized armor coating, to protect the unit and to prevent it from slipping from your fingers.

So, if you are still holding on to that old baseball bat, it's time to bury it and replace it with this powerful, 7 Million Volt, non lethal self defense weapon. Plus as an added bonus, it includes a nylon holster and a LIFETIME WARRANTY from manufacturer's defect!

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