Monday, July 25, 2016

Did You Know That TASER International Has A New Unit Called The Taser Pulse?

This unit is for people that like the shape of a regular gun, but don't want to kill a person and land up in prison!

As we all know, Tasers are non lethal units. It will stop an individual from attacking you, even if they are up to 15 feet away! The TASER Pulse has incredible features... The most important one for us women, is that it won't hurt your shoulder like a firearm does, when you shoot it!

Read TASER Pulse Features Below
• Non lethal self defense unit
• Reaches 15 feet away
• LED light for viewing surroundings
• Includes Laser sight for perfect aiming
• Won't kick you back or hurt your shoulder, perfect for women
• Only measures 5.25 inches
• Can be left on ground while still tasing
• If stolen, you can get a new unit for FREE, if you file a police report
• Stun gun backup, if cartridge has been deployed
• No cleaning required

With all the self defense features... you would think it is complicated to use. But it isn't! It's automatically done for you, once you are ready to shoot an attacker. The Taser Pulse, only weighs 8 ounces, far less than a hand gun with all the bullets... Don't use a firearm that can land you in prison for killing a person! It's no wonder that Tasers are the weapon of choice around the world, for the police and for personal protection, as well.

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