Friday, July 1, 2016

Need A Security Alarm That Won't Break The Bank? Get the Mace® Glass Breakage Alarm, For Only $11.99 Each

These simple and affordable Mace® alarms, can be easily installed in all your windows and glass doors. Simply peel off back strip and paste onto glass.

You don't need to pay an alarm company every month, to keep you aware of a break-in. Simply purchase as many glass breakage alarms as you need for your windows and doors in your house, to prevent home intruders! No need to get an expensive home security system! Plus, the units are battery operated, so if any of them goes bad after a couple of years, all you have to do is replace the battery.

These affordable Mace® Window Glass Breakage Alarms have a 95-decible alarm that will definitely let you know if home intruders are trying to break into your house! The 95-decible alarm will set off, if it detects a window vibration. Batteries are included, for every unit you purchase. Plus, if you want to open a window for fresh air, simply turn that particular window's unit, off!

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