Thursday, December 4, 2014

Personal Alarm With Motion Detector, A Great Holiday Gift!

This unique little gadget is very resourceful. It can be used as a personal alarm OR a motion detector and cost's only $15.95.

The possibilities are endless for this affordable unit! The Mini Personal Travel Alarm with Motion Detector can be used or applied in various situations and makes a great holiday gift. The main application is for your safety. Carrying this unit comes in handy if you need to let others know that you have an emergency situation. Be it an attacker, thief or perhaps you have fallen or hurt yourself. Senior citizens can also benefit from having the Mini Personal Travel Alarm with Motion Detector.

Another application for this handy gift unit is it's movement detection. Perfect to place next to a laptop, hanging off a drawer with important material inside, placed next to a bike, to prevent it from being robbed, or anything else you might think of. Once it detects movement, the 100dB unit is set off and lets you know, someone is tampering with your stuff!

Protection for you and your valuables… for only $15.95. Can't get any better than that for a holiday gift!

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