Friday, December 19, 2014

What Better Holiday Gift Than One That Protects The Ones That You Love?

Looking for a unique holiday present for your family and friends? There is no better gift than one that offers protection from aggressive criminals.
Impress your family and friends by giving them a stun gun! Not just an ordinary one, but a unit that is powerful and perfect for self defense. It's called the Police Force Stun Gun 9.5 Million Volts! Your loved ones just need to touch an aggressive individual with it and the attacker will fall to the ground and become temporarily helpless and motionless! Stun guns attack the muscles of the body, making a person collapse and unable to injure anyone. Of course, they will only be down temporarily, so it's crucial to escape from harms way immediately!

Police Force Unit Features
- 9.5 Million volts of self defense takedown
- Originally engineered for police and military
- Rubberized armor coating prevents slipping
- Charging plug flips out, no cords needed
- Safety switch prevents accidental discharge
- High quality holster w/belt loop and clip
- Lifetime warranty from manufacturer defect

Give a holiday gift that offers personal protection for your family and friends. Have a Safe Holiday!

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