Tuesday, March 1, 2016

The Mace Pepper Spray Gun For Self Defense, is Available for Women or Men! ONLY $59.99

Women are tougher now a days and we certainly can carry a weapon just like men can! But we don't want to end up in prison, so non lethal is the best alternative for us ladies...

Ladies, it's time we prevent crime by defending ourselves, instead of relying on others! There are many non lethal products in our website for self defense! Let's focus on one particular item called the Mace Pepper Spray Gun.

This incredible self defense Mace gun unit can reach 20 feet away and shoots 6 - 7 blasts from it's cartridge. Or you can use the entire cartridge by pulling the trigger until it empties. This easy to use weapon can shoot at any angle, including upside down! It also has a trigger activated LED light, 1 practice cartridge, 1 pepper spray cartridge and safety switch. The Mace units are available in silver, pink, camo w/holster and in black. The black gun unit in particular, also includes a STROBE light, which confuses an attacker when shined into their eyes! Plus, 20 feet reach is a comfortable distance, to stop an individual. Perfect for women's or men's self defense and you won't land in prison because it's non lethal!

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