Thursday, March 3, 2016

It's Small But Powerful, For Protecting Your Home, Dorm Room or Hotel Doors!

Feel safe while you are at home, in a dorm room or hotel, with the Door Jammer. It's compact, works on any floor and convenient to carry anywhere!

This unit at is very popular. It's built with thick heavy solid metal and can protect interior doors as well as exterior home ones. It works on doors that have at least 1/8" gap, or more, between the door and the floor. This is to make sure the Door Jammer can fit properly.

The Door Jammer works on most floors, such as hardwood, tile, carpet, linoleum etc. The bottom of the unit grips to any floor. This unit is easy to place next to a door and easy to take off! Plus, it's compact, measures 4.75" high x 2.75" wide... Perfect to take with you, if you're staying at a hotel or if you are a student and staying in a college dorm room.

Don't let the size fool ya... Just because it's small, doesn't mean that it's not powerful!

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