Monday, March 21, 2016

NEW: Small Flashlight w/15 Million Volts, For Self Defense!

This self defense flashlight stun gun unit is great for women or men. It measures just shy of 6 inches and can be placed in a purse, backpack or in it's black holster with a belt.

This discrete unit can be taken while exercising outdoors, in parking lots at night, college campus or simply while going for a walk around your neighborhood. It's made with high quality aircraft aluminum, so it's very durable. We call it the Stun Gun Flashlight 15 Million Volts!

Not only is this self defense unit easy to conceal, but it's flashlight has 120 lumens... The 120 lumens can be shined into the face of an attacker or rapist, making them temporarily blind! Of course if you actually touch a bad intentioned individual with the Stun Gun Flashlight 15 Million Volts, they will fall to the ground! Simply touch the attacker or rapist, no pushing is necessary, the 15 Million volts will suffice! Within seconds, they'll become incoherent and fall to the ground. Then leave the scene as soon as possible!

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