Thursday, March 31, 2016

Need A Long Stun Baton For Personal & Home Protection?

Your search was successful! At, we have 14 units to pick from, that range from 9 1/2 inches to 36 inches. The longest is a ZAP Walking Cane with a flashlight for seniors or the handicapped.

Stun Batons are used by people to keep home intruders away. Many need a self defense, non lethal weapon, at their disposal that extends extra inches from a possible altercation. Presently, our website includes 14 Stun Batons to pick from!

All these Stun Batons include LED lights and are RECHARGEABLE, perfect against home intruders! Some can even stun an attacker, if they try to take the unit away from you, because they also include GRAB GUARD STUN STRIPS along the sides of the unit. Many units are built with Military Grade Aluminum Alloy, one actually includes an ALARM and others have TRIPLE STUN TECHNOLOGY! Of course they all have a safety switch, most have rubberized exterior, for a firmer grip, holsters and a LIFETIME WARRANTY... Not bad for non lethal weapons!

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