Monday, March 28, 2016

Convenient Quick Release Keychain Pepper Spray with 18% Concentration Instead of Just 10%

These self defense units have almost twice the potency of other pepper sprays and are affordable, only $11. Plus it has a Quick Release Keychain!

Just think, for only $11, you can protect yourself. The beauty of this unit is that you can still use the pepper spray, even if your keys are on the ignition of your car or your keys are inserted in your home's front door... You see, the quick release keychain, allows you to do both things at once!

The Pepper Spray Wildfire 18% are simple to use, simply aim toward an attacker and press the red lever down... Always aim at the attacker's eyes! The hot substance will make him or her, have to shut their eyes, from all the pain. Plus, the solution can penetrate their mouth if they have it opened, the nostrils and even their lungs!

The 18% concentration units are available in 15 different models! They also include a convenient quick release keychain and Invisible UV Marking Dye (so police can acknowledge, that the right individual was caught). The Wildfire 18% units can reach 8 ft. and include 5 one second bursts. Not bad for a self defense unit, for just $11!

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