Thursday, March 24, 2016

NEW: 4 Concealed Carry Purses and 2 Backpacks for Lady's Personal Protection

Most of our self defense units, such as the stun guns, have holsters. Many women also carry purses... Wouldn't it be great if we had a SPECIAL COMPARTMENT in our purses, for a stun gun, pepper spray or even a firearm?

At our store, we have 6 different purses and backpacks that include a Special Compartment to hide a weapon. Be it a stun gun, pepper spray, personal alarm or a firearm! The hidden pocket behind these beautiful bags, have 2 zippers (for right or left handed women). It allows quick access to your self defense unit. The inner compartments of these bags and backpacks are lined with velcro and an adjustable velcro holster. Us ladies can place our weapons in it, and know that we can use it, if approached by an attacker. In fact, during an emergency, you can even shoot your firearm weapon right through the purse and it will be replaced for FREE, if you show a police document of the incident!

Keeping your weapons in a hidden and secure place, allows you to act quickly and not have to stumble around, to find them... Be it a stun gun, pepper spray, personal alarm or even a firearm for women's self defense. Check all of our 6 units, click on the link above!

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