Monday, March 14, 2016

Who Would Know That A Little Pen, Is Also A KNIFE!

That's the beauty of having a disguised weapon. Others will never know that the fashionable pen you carry, is also a self defense knife!
At our store, we have 3 pens that write and also include a sharp 2.13 inch blade, for self defense! It's perfect to have if you are a college teacher, a student, if you are at work or in a nightclub.

These simple, yet effective disguised Pen Knife weapons, are handy and beautiful. Women can easily carry them in their purses, backpacks or simply placed in a pocket! They are available in 3 colors; gold, black and silver. The 2.13 inch blade is incredibly sharp and the only thing us women have to do, is simply pull the cap off and defend ourselves from rapists or attackers!

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