Monday, March 7, 2016

NEW: Kubotan Solid Steel Camo Design, in pink or black!

Kubotans are very handy for self defense... You've probably seen them attached on motorcycle enthusiasts. They are non lethal but very painful when used against an attacker. 
These units are legal in all 50 States and very handy to carry along with your keys. Plus, they offer protection on college campuses, parking lots or anywhere else you might need them. Since they have a keyring, you can attach your keys to them, too! These Kubotan Solid Steel Camo Design units are great for self defense against attackers by aiming at their groin, stomach, solar plexis, throat, the arm, the shin, hip bone collarbone, ankle and kneecap! If you hit a bony part of an attacker with the unit, he or she will most likely leave the scene... The Kubotan is so strong that you can also break an individual's bone, with a well position blow! Therefore, boney areas are the best spots to target, when you are using a Kubotan for self defense. But soft skin parts are also painful, as well!

You can also use the unit by swinging it while the keys are attached for self defense. Just hold the Kubotan and swing the keys toward a bad intentioned individual's face... That will certainly deter them!

Remember, a strike doesn't have to be perfect, just hit or swing, as hard as you can and leave the scene when you get a chance!

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