Tuesday, March 29, 2016

NEW: Tactical Pen Flashlight Black

This simple yet efficient self defense unit, is perfect to keep in your pocket, purse or backpack and great for college students!
First of all, this black unit works as a writing pen. But, it can also offer self defense from attackers, because it includes a Tactical Screw Cap, which is on the very bottom of the ballpoint pen that works as a Kubotan. This new unit is called the Tactical Pen Flashlight Black!

The pen also works as a glass breaker! The glass breaker can save your life, if you are, for example, in a car accident and need to escape through a window! This Tactical Pen Flashlight Black, Kubotan unit also has a convenient, bright LED light, that you can shine at an individual’s eyes and temporarily blind them. Of course, the LED light is also handy to have for other things, such as finding the keyhole to doors, and more!

This Tactical unit, is great for women or men, and also for college students. We all know that college students, now a days, also need a non lethal weapon for self defense on campus!

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