Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Stun Gun, Pepper Spray & Personal Alarm For Self Defense

It's called the Triple Self Defense Package and only cost's $35.90! All three units are different, providing for any situation.

Equip yourself for any self defense situation... Each of these units work differently, depending on what encounter you are faced with. Below, is brief information, regarding each unit for self defense. This package is great for college students, while walking or jogging or if you take public transportation.

Safety Technology Trigger Stun Gun 18 Million Volts: Easy squeeze trigger, flashlight, wrist strap (if taken by attacker, unit won't work), rechargeable, available in 7 colors.

Pepper Spray with Quick Key Release Keychain: You can still use the unit while still in your car ignition or door knob, because it easily detaches for emergencies, available in hard or soft case, several colors, reaches 6-8 feet and contains 6-10, one-second bursts.

Mini Personal Panic Alarm: This unit works by simply squeezing the sides, alarm emits 120dB, includes LED light, only measures 3" tall, attaches to a keychain, has a belt clip and batteries are included.

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