Friday, April 1, 2016

Did You Know That We Have A Breast Cancer Self Defense Special Which Proceeds Go Toward The Cure?

It's under's "Package Deals" category. Included in this package, is a stun gun and a pepper spray unit. Both units are available in several colors, as well.

These units go together nicely, because one is for closeup self defense by using the stun gun and the other is for distance protection with the pepper spray. Check out the info below for each unit of the Breast Cancer Special. Remember that a portion of the proceeds, goes toward the cure for BREAST CANCER!

Stun Gun - Includes 8 Million volts of self defense, built in charger that slides out to plug into wall socket, large LED light, disable pin (prevents attackers from using it against you), rubberized exterior prevents slippage, safety switch, available in 3 colors and with a Lifetime Warranty from manufacturer's defect.

Pepper Spray - Includes safety lock, key ring, 46% stronger than other brands, invisible UV marking dye (for authorities to know they have the right individual captured), available in hard or soft case, reaches 8 feet and you have a choice of 4 different colors.

PLUS: Always have your pepper spray or stun gun available when in allies, car garages, parking lots or areas you are not familiar with or might seem dangerous!

Remember, a portion of the proceeds, goes toward the cure for BREAST CANCER!

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