Monday, April 4, 2016

Wise Emergency Food for Surviving During Catastrophes!

Fortunately, catastrophes aren't the norm. But, sometimes we experience situations that are unbearable, such as huge storms, forest fires, floods... It's critical to be prepared and what's most important is to have food!

This is why at, we added food to our list of products. But these aren't your regular meals, they are made specifically for emergency situations! Basically they are survival food kits, by the Wise Company, for individuals to prepare during an emergency.

The pre-prepared food containers for emergency situations, will keep food fresh for either a short time or for up to 25 YEARS of shelf life, depending on your needs. Packages can include the whole shebang which includes entrees, breakfast and even dessert... It depends on which package you choose!

Global warming is unpredictable when it comes to catastrophes such as huge storms, forest fires, floods and any other dangerous situation. It's always a good idea to be prepared. These nutrition packages are definitely worth considering, especially since some can last for up to 25 years!

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