Monday, April 25, 2016

Mother's Day Gift: Give Her a U.S. Army Knife, for Personal Protection Wherever She Goes!

Today's women are tougher than ladies from the sixties... They've endured many obstacles such as rapes, domestic violence and date rapes. It's time they protect their own selves!

We now know, the only way that women can survive, is by carrying their own weapon! One of the ways they can do this is by having a self defense unit with them at all times, such as a handy weapon that's light and also sharp... A 8.5 Inch Spring Assisted Licensed U.S. Army Knife, to be exact! It fits folded in her purse, pocket or backpack. Perfect for a Mother's Day Gift!

Think about it... Women, you love, can have a weapon with them all the time! If anybody tries to physically take advantage of them, they can take the knife, press a button and quickly spring out that sweet yet powerful blade! We all know that there are simply too many aggressive, drugged out individuals out there. Not to mention rapists and other attackers!

This 8.5 Inch Spring Assisted Licensed U.S. Army Knife, snaps out a steel blade by simply pushing a button. That's because it has a spring attached to it! Plus, it also includes a seat belt cutter, glass breaker and a belt clip. The unit has an ambidextrous thumb stud, so it doesn't matter if she is right or left handed, when using it. So... surprise her with a Mother's Day Gift, she can actually use, for self defense against aggressive, drugged out individuals.

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