Friday, April 22, 2016

Mother’s Day Gift: Jolt Mini Stun Gun with 35 Million Volts!

Our most powerful self defense stun gun in our store, includes triple stun technology and 35 Million Volts of takedown power which includes electricity between 3 separate points, not just 1 or 2!
The Jolt Mini Stun Gun with 35 Million Volts for a Mother’s Day gift, are the strongest stun guns in our store. They are available in green, purple, pink and black. These triple stun technology units, include a disable pin, which prevents attackers from using the stun gun against you. You see, if they grab the unit, the disable pin strap, stays in your wrist. The unit will not work if the disable pin is not attached to the stun gun!

The triple stun technology units for self defense also include; built-in charger, bright LED light, safety switch, rubberized exterior which protects the unit and offers a better grip, plus a nylon holster with belt loop! These incredible self defense products, also include a 5 year warranty… Perfect for Mother’s Day!

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