Thursday, April 7, 2016

Pepper Spray Disguised As Lipstick; An Element of Surprise for a Would Be Rapist!

Yeap, they certainly look like some colorful lipsticks for women, but little does a rapist know that it's really a disguised self defense pepper spray!
As many of us know, pepper spray has been around for decades... Plus, they get better and better, in disabling an attacker or rapist. Our store includes 6 Lipstick Pepper Sprays that are disguised, available in different colors and will disable an attacker, if you spray into their eyes and face! These disguised self defense units only measure 3.25" tall, but when aimed at an attacker, they will temporarily blind him or her because their eyes will have to slam shut, from all the pain. It also can go in through their nostrils and they can even inhale the hot substance through their mouth and reach the lungs! All of this is temporary, giving women an open window to escape from harms way!

Lipstick Pepper Spray For Women's Self Defense  
- Disguised unit brings an element of surprise to a rapist
- Reaches a comfortable distance of up to 6 feet away
- Includes 5, one-second bursts
- Includes UV Marking Dye, verifying to police, they caught the right individual
- Available in 6 colors: pink, lavender, red, blue, silver and black

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