Wednesday, April 6, 2016

The Supreme Court Is reviewing a case that might allow all people in the U.S.A. to be able to carry a TASER!

Thanks to a lady by the name of Jamie Caetano, who had to endure abuse from her ex-boyfriend. She lives in Massachusetts and her case, might allow all Americans to use TASERS for self defense.

Jaimie Caetano tried everything to stop her ex-boyfriend from beating her constantly and making threats to her life. Restraining orders did not work, so a friend gave her a TASER C2 for self defense. Unfortunately, during a routine inspection in Massachusetts, the police found her C2 and she was convicted of possessing a banned weapon! Even though Jaimie Caetano had proof of many restraining orders against her ex-boyfriend, she was still convicted of possessing an electric-based weapon for self defense.

Finally, she decided that the law had to change and has appealed her case to the US Supreme Court. Jaimie Caetano is arguing that the US Supreme Court should make the civilian TASER, fall under the Second Amendment.

If the US Supreme Court agrees with Jaimie Caetano, this would allow citizens, in all 50 States, to purchase any of the presently, 6 TASER Civilian Models... Most States already allow TASERS to be bought in our country. But, some States might still require a short background check, with results in just minutes!

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