Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Have You Heard of the NEW TASER Pulse?

Besides introducing the self defense Taser Bolt earlier this month on the 12th, we are also introducing the new Taser Pulse! This newest unit has extra features previous units don't have!

The newer self defense Taser for civilians is more compact and includes extra features shown on the above video. It fits perfect in men or women's hands and can be concealed easier. Of course, it also includes the previous features, such as: Easy laser sight aiming, 15 feet of protection, automatic 30 second stunning when placed on the ground, no kickback, no gun powder cleaning, stun gun backup, LED flashlight, no permit required in most states... PLUS Taser International will replace the unit if stolen, as long as you show a police record of the incident. Perfect for civilian's self defense!

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