Wednesday, January 13, 2016

NEW - Lint Roller Diversion Safe

Do you want to hide some valuables like money or jewelry, without having to get an expensive big safe or a safety deposit box? Get a disguised Lint Roller Diversion Safe!
Who doesn't have a lint roller? That's the beauty of having a diversion safe that looks like one... But this roller has a space in the middle to stash your jewelry or money! It's way less expensive than a safety deposit box and you can keep it at home. The disguised unit is called the Lint Roller Diversion Safe!

This Lint Roller Diversion Safe won't catch a home intruder's attention, just like a wire hanger wouldn't make him or her look twice! But it's perfect for you to hide your valuables, such as jewelry or money in it. You see it has a hidden compartment that measure's 1 ½" x 3½"!

Simply place the disguised Lint Roller in your bedroom or laundry room and hide your jewelry or money in it. Intruders will not look twice. NOTE: it's a good idea to place a rag inside the compartment, in case the stuff inside it, makes a sound if the unit is moved by an intruder!

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