Tuesday, January 19, 2016

A Quick History of Taser International

Americans have made many inventions in history for self defense, and one of them, not only saves lives but it also protects the public without fatally harming or killing an individual. Gone are the horrible batons used in history, by the police, to take down an individual by hitting citizens and sometimes killing them!

Fortunately, more and more police officials in the USA and abroad use Tasers to control the unruly among us. But the police aren't the only ones that can use a Taser, law abiding citizens can also use them. In fact citizens can pick from 4 models; the C2, M26c, X26c and X2 Defender! All are available to the public if your particular state allows them and you pass a simple background check, that WomenOnGuard.com, can provide for you. The units are great for women, as well, because they don't have the strong kickback that firearms do!

Don't lethally hurt an individual like history shows, and be sent to prison yourself! Temporarily stop them by using the self defense C2, M26c, X26c or the X2 Defender, until police authorities come to help! But if you still want to leave the scene, remember that you can place the unit down on the ground and it will continue to tase for 30 seconds, while you escape. If you provide a police record of the incident, Taser International will replace your unit for FREE! Perfect self defense for men or women!

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