Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Mini Security Guard Stun Flashlight 7,200,000 Volts and Very Easy To Conceal!

It's always important to take some sort of self defense unit in today's society and this unit is very effective and easy to conceal!

This handy stun gun weapon fits anywhere, be it your purse, pocket or you can use it's holster too! But the real reason to have this mini unit with you at all times is the 7,200,000 volts it contains. If an attacker comes toward you, simply touch them with the unit and watch them fall to the ground! No muscle required... Keep touching them with the self defense easy to conceal unit, until they can't move. Then leave the scene immediately. It's called the Mini Security Guard Stun Flashlight. Perfect for personal protection!

Mini Security Guard Stun Flashlight 7,200,000 Volts Features
- Only measures 5.5", making it easy to conceal for self defense
- Triple Stun Technology, stuns visually on center and invisibly on 2 sides of unit's top
- Shock proof exterior with military grade aluminum alloy
- Etched handle provides firm grip of stun gun unit
- Powerful LED flashlight, that can temporarily blind an attacker if aimed at their eyes
- Stun gun and flashlight are fully rechargeable, includes recharging cord
- Includes safety switch to prevent accidental discharge from this mini unit
- Heavy duty black holster with belt loop and wrist strap included
- Lifetime Warranty from manufacturer's defect

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