Friday, January 8, 2016

Have you heard of “ICE”; In Case of Emergency?

ICE was introduced in 2005 for first responders or emergency personnel, to notify family or friends of a person who is hurt or unconscious, via cell phones.

ICE was invented by Bob Brotchie, a British paramedic. But it’s not something you buy, it’s a symbol or red flag for emergency personnel. When first responders look through a victim’s cell phone, and they find the word ICE, that let’s them know they’ve contacted an individual who the injured person trusted. Be it family or friends and for any kind of emergency situation!

If you’ve never heard of this and know others that aren’t aware of this emergency word called ICE, please inform them! Let them know that they should also include the word ICE next to another person’s name, in their cell phones, in case they have an emergency themselves! It’s crucial for family or friends to be notified, in deadly situations by emergency personnel.

NOTE:  Be advised that if you have a phone that locks others from using it, emergency personnel will not be able to notify loved ones.

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