Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Mace Tear Gas Pepper Spray With Convenient Glow In The Dark Trigger!

Mace has been around for decades and if you are looking for reliability, this brand surpasses all others, plus it has TEAR GAS!
Pepper spray is used by women and men around the world for personal self defense. Students also carry it around college campuses, as well.

Carrying a non lethal self defense weapon such as pepper spray, won't land you in prison, yet it offers an opportunity to escape from harms way. This Mace® Triple Action Defense Spray Soft Case with TEAR GAS, is easy to carry because it has a convenient keyring that you can attache to your purse, backpack or place it inside your briefcase, too!

The Mace® Triple Action Defense Spray Soft Case with TEAR GAS is easy to use... Simply unbutton the top of the pepper spray unit, turn the safety lever and push down to spray! Always keep it prepared, if you are in unfamiliar territory, such as an alley, parking lot or stairway... Always have it with you when you go to nightclubs. This is especially important for women, in particular!

Self defense for women or men include; 5 one second bursts, 10 ft. reach, TEAR GAS, glow in the dark trigger, invisible UV Dye to help police identify your attacker and a convenient key ring!

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