Thursday, August 20, 2015

Police Say Man Invited His Daughter's Rapist to Dinner and Tortured Him

This incidence posted by Gabrielle Bluestone, took place on November 2014, but it's very worth telling again...
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Police say a man in India took the law into his own hands when he used a fake dinner invitation to lure his daughter's alleged rapist over for a night of torture and, ultimately, murder.

The father allegedly discovered his daughter had been raped by a 45-year-old married medical supplier while he was away on a business trip. According to the Indian Express, the girl told her father what happened despite threats of violence.

Fearing "a bad name for his daughter," the man bypassed police and dealt out his own deadly justice.

Reports the Express:

"The father called the medicine supplier over to his house saying he wanted to discuss some issue. He served him dinner. After the meal, the father overpowered the man and tied him to a chair. He got heated tongs and burned the supplier's genitals before strangling him to death. He came to the police station and surrendered himself," an officer said.

The father reportedly told police he had planned his revenge from the moment he found out about the rape but never intended to kill the man.

By Gabrielle Bluestone, from the "GAWKER"

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