Friday, August 28, 2015

Mace® Flasher Personal Safety Light

Mace doesn't only make pepper spray, they also make safety lights for, bikers, joggers or students that mostly do their activities during the evening.
Many of us work at night or like to exercise at night because it's cooler out. One of the drawbacks about going out when it's dark is that drivers sometimes can't see you when you are riding a bike, brisk walking or jogging. This is when the Mace® Flasher Personal Safety Light, comes in handy! Not only do people that exercise benefit from this Flasher Personal Safety Light, but students also benefit from it. Many students walk to college night classes and they can clip the flashing red light unit on the top of their backpack where others can see it. People that take public transportation can also benefit from this unit...

This Mace light includes a belt clip on the back and a convenient strap for placing it, for example, around the arm for your exercise routine, as well!

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