Thursday, March 1, 2012

Compact Flashlight & Safety Weapon in One

Looking to get a flashlight that is as small as your hand and also serves as a safety weapon? Tired of buying batteries for your old flashlight?

The Stun Gun Flashlight Security doesn't only help you see in the dark, but it can also protect you from an attacker. As the name implies, it is also a 4 million volt personal safety stun gun! If someone tries to physically hurt you, just touch them with this weapon and they will back off or simply fall down! As a matter of fact, just aiming this weapon up in the air and setting it off, makes a loud electrical sound that will deter any criminal from getting too close.

The safety features of this flashlight and stun gun in one, are also noteworthy. Besides having a flashlight with stun gun capabilities, it also is rechargeable, no batteries necessary. A rubberized armor coating makes it easy to hold, preventing it from slipping easily from your fingers and it has a holster too! Plus, as if that wasn't enough features, let's not forget that it also has a LIFETIME WARRANTY!
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