Saturday, March 31, 2012

Special Offers and Discontinued Self Defense Products

Have you ever noticed that our website has a category on the left side that reads, "Special Offers"? In case you haven't, you should take a peek and see what's in there! Most of the items under this category, are being discontinued, but not all... Some are in this group, simply because of the nature of the product.

You can really get a good deal on a discontinued product, especially when it comes to our stun gun specials! We actually have one called the Talon, which is incredibly priced at just $7.99 and has 200,000 volts! Another self defense stun gun the Mini Stun Gun with 400,000 volts is also up for grabs, for only $24.99. Even our martial arts Kubotans are reduced to $6.98 each. Available too, in our Special Offers, is a shock resistant,  9 bulb LED flashlight, encased in a red metal body that only measures 3.7 inches long, for just $6.99. We even have offers on solar/hand crank radios, handcuffs, counterfeit money detector pens, plus more self defense products... The list goes on and on!

We don't have many left of the self defense discontinued items, so act fast, if you want to take advantage of these Special Offers!

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