Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Safety for Our Active Lifestyles

Just because some of us love to be outdoors doing our physical training exercises, instead of being inside a gym or fitness center, doesn't mean that we don't care about our personal safety!

We can go walking, running, jogging or simply stay active and still be aware of our self defense needs. Fitness is very important for all of us and most of us would rather be active outside, in the fresh air, rather than inside.

Photo by NathanaelB
If you are a serious athlete and your training requires you to go running or jogging, you should carry a self defense product. You can be harassed by just a dog, that constantly chases you, or people that in all honesty, are probably jealous of your fitness dedication!

Most of us are suppose to practice some sort of fitness training, to stay active and healthy. We don't need to go running or jogging, simply walking everyday outdoors would suffice for many of us. There is no excuse to not go around the block a couple of times. Perhaps take a stroll after dinner. "Too dark, night time can be scary", you say? Well again, taking a self defense product, should take care of that too.

Check out our self defense products such as Muzzle, for pesky dogs, Mace Hot Walkers, for those of you who require in your training to use weights, Mace Jogger for walkers or runners or simply, good old pepper spray. Go out and enjoy the Spring and the wonderful smell of gardenias too!
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