Friday, March 30, 2012

Affordable $6 Pepper Spray with Key Release Key Chain

Ever come across a situation where you told yourself, "I should get some sort of personal protection"? Did you ever get it? Probably not... And why not? You didn't know where to buy it? Most women, unfortunately, don't know because retail stores like Walmart and Target, don't sell it. If your excuse was the price, well that excuse just went out the window because we carry an affordable or cheap, but not wimpy, weapon!

The Pepper Shot with Key Release Key Chain is a defense spray that only costs $6 from our website. This compact pepper spray with a quick key release key chain, is less bulky, yet contains 1/2 oz just like our other sprays. The reason this affordable pepper spray is smaller, is because it doesn't have the plastic case around it! It is a 10% pepper solution that reaches up to 7 feet and contains 5-6 one-second bursts. This compact and cheap, but very powerful pepper spray with key chain, also contains a UV Dye to help in identification when a suspect is apprehended by police. The key release key chain is a safety feature that adds value to this item. If someone aggressive wants to confront you, for example, and you have to use your pepper spray while in your car or entering the front door of your home, you don't need to take your whole key chain out of the ignition or the door lock. The pepper spray simply snaps off and separates from the rest of your keys, ready to be used!

Protect yourself from a distance and buy a cheap or as we like to call it, affordable, pepper spray for your personal safety.
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